Friday, January 9, 2009

Thyroid Disease Symptoms

There are two different types of a thyroid disease. One will produce too much hormones, and the other will produces too little. It can easily be mixed up with several other things, you will want to look at the symptoms closely and talk to your doctor. It can be hard to detect early on because the symptoms can be so common.

One of the first symptoms that you may notice is the feeling of exhaustion. Doing some of the littlest tasks will wear you out. This will happen in the earlier stages of hypothyroidism. But, this symptom is so common that it can be easily mistaken for something else.

Another symptom of a thyroid disease is no or poor tolerance to cold temperatures. If you notice that cold temperatures bother you a lot more than normal, it could be one of the symptoms of a thyroid disease. You will also notice this symptom earlier on, and could be your first indication of a thyroid disease.

There are a couple more symptoms that you will notice in the early stages of hypothyroidism. You may notice some constipation, or even carpal tunnel which effects your wrists and your joints. While all four of these symptoms are very typical symptoms of a lot of diseases, combined together could be a sign of a thyroid disease.

Some of the later symptoms can be a little more serious and noticeable. You may have a poor appetite, or even a notice a little weight gain. Just because you may not feel hungry does not mean you have a thyroid disease, it should be accompanied by other symptoms.

When you have a thyroid disease you may experience some subtle dry skin and hair loss. These with a combination of some of the other symptoms could be a sign of a thyroid disease, and if you are concerned about them you should make an appointment and discuss them with your doctor.

Some of the more serious symptoms of a thyroid disease would be depression, a deep or hoarse voice, irregular menstrual periods or even puffiness around your eyes. If you are experiencing any of these problems in combination with any others you should probably make an appointment with you doctor so that you may be evaluated for a thyroid disease.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to see your doctor right away so that they may run some tests to see if you have a thyroid problem. If so, they will be able to put you on some medication to help it. There are many people who suffer through thyroid problems, and you are not alone.

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