Friday, January 9, 2009

Link between thyroid and obesity

Doctors have made a connection between problems with a thyroid problem and obesity. If you have a problem with your thyroid, it could be preventing you from your weight loss goals. Your thyroid produces a hormone that helps promote energy and your metabolism. If you have a thyroid problem, your body may be preventing you the energy you need to shed the pounds.

Other influences such as diet, stress and your lifestyle also have effects and roles in the function interfering with this hormone. Considering that so many of us have busy lifestyles and stress in our life, it isn’t really a surprise that many have thyroid problems. Some people don’t even realize that they have these problems.

Your obesity may be caused by a thyroid problem. Your thyroid cannot produce enough metabolism to keep you moving and get to your weight loss goals. You will not have enough energy to get to your exercise plan like you would want to. If you have been trying to lose weight unsuccessful for some time, it may be due to a thyroid problem.

Thyroid problems can be hard to detect because the symptoms can easily be confused with other common problems. Some of the common symptoms are tingling or numbness in your hands, increased sensitivity to cold temperatures and even tenderness in your front neck area. If you have a major increase or decrease in weight for no explained reasons, this could be another indication of a thyroid problem.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or are unsuccessful in your weight loss and are obese, you may want to talk to your doctor to see if you need to be tested for a thyroid disease. There are a couple of really simple tests that can be done to see if you have a problem with your thyroid.

The first test that they are most likely going to do is a simple blood test. This will get your thyroid in speed drive, to see if it is producing little or too much of its hormone. It is a simple procedure and is typically the first step to seeing if there is a problem with your thyroid.

They may also do a thyroid scan or ultrasound to see the problem. If there is any thyroid problem, you will probably be started on medication. It can be a simple and manageable problem if detected early enough, and taking care of the problem will help you be able to manage your weight loss goals.

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