Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Personal Account of Thyroid Cancer

Christina's story

Until that day in 1999 when I ended up in a doctor’s office as a result of being hit by a yellow cab, I didn’t have a clue that my medical exam would indicate that a thyroid condition had taken residency in my body. According to the doctor who felt the lump in my neck, the condition had probably been prevalent in my body for a quite some time. This was the first time that I had been in his office so he did not have any knowledge of me as a patient. As I think back to my experience I can also thank this new doctor for saving my life in lieu of the fact that I had seen about eight other doctors during the past few years and they did not find this condition while performing medical examinations or in my laboratory work. Until this moment it was hidden deep within by body.

Looking back again at that day in October 1999 in the doctors office, I was truly shocked with the diagnosis. I was shocked when I was given this information because I have been going to doctors all of my life for yearly examinations for as long as I can remember as well as I always call my doctors for in-between appointments as necessary. So I have never been a stranger to doctors and as a result of this faithfulness, I couldn’t understand how this diagnosis could be true.

Another fact about this medical condition is that at the time that the lump was discovered I didn’t have any symptoms that would have given me any indication that my medical examination would suggest a thyroid condition. I am grateful to the doctor who discovered the lump in my neck because if I had it not been for him my thyroid condition may still be taking up residency in my body.

Ok, the fact is that I had a lump residing in my person; I had lots of work to do to get back to where I needed to be in life mentally, emotionally and physically. So in the quietness of my soul I actually worked toward becoming well again through this four step process in addition to following my medical teams plan:
I visualized myself healthy whole and complete.
I developed a plan for success.
I worked my plan.
I healed.

I know that all things begin in the mind so I saw myself healthy, whole and complete because before anything can manifest you have to get a mental image of your desire. One Bible verse says you can have as far as you can see and I made sure that I could see myself healed. I knew that I only needed the faith as big as a mustard seed and that was a piece of cake because I had that. Once I got my mental image, I fast forwarded and thanked God for my healing. You see I claimed my healing even before it happened because I had faith that I would heal. I vowed that this condition would not have any power over me. I had not undergone all of my tests so my prayer was God I thank you for being with me through this situation and for health reports that reflect your absolute good. You see I know that God’s will for me is absolute good and he would never leave me or forsake me. One of my mom’s favorite verses is that I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me. This verse became one of my sources of strength during this time and I made it a permanent part of my favorite verse collection.

I have always heard that hindsight has 20/20 vision and I know for a fact that this is true. While something is happening to is us we are usually so consumed with the experience that we can’t see things clearly but after it’s over then we get our Aha moment as our 20/20 vision kicks in for us. As I look back at years before the diagnosis I can see that I probably ignored some things that I should have shared with my medical professionals. They only work with information that patients give them in addition to things they discover during exams and other procedures. They may look at your case a bit differently if you tell them something that turns on another light bulb in their mind. So share things with them because they need your help in determining what’s going on with your health. You and your information about your self are a vital part of the process.

I realize now that my challenge with weight has probably has always been partially due to my diagnosed condition but other factors did play a part in my slight obesity. Until my surgery I always had ice cold hands so cold that when I would touch some one they would mention this to me. I thought it was normal for me because it had been happening for so long so I would respond to them that cold hands mean warm heart. I can remember that my hair came out by the hand full in the eighties and I blamed it on my beautician so if you see her please apologize to her for me because I certainly was not happy about my hair and I blamed her. It was not a pretty occasion because it was before I became a student of metaphysics. I have also has trouble with brittle nails all of my life and that may be in part to the thyroid condition. I could go on and on with the signs that I experienced and was seriously in denial and overlooked them. It’s ok to be in denial but you must fill the void with an affirmation.

I am by no means a medical professional so I am not trying to offer medical advice to you; however I have done a little research from various sources on the thyroid and I will share with you some of the symptoms of the condition. This is not to alarm you but to empower you with information that may help you or someone close to you who need this at this time. These are some of the symptoms that a person may experience if the thyroid is not functioning properly: nervousness, weight gain, loss of body hair, low sex drive, abdominal bloating, cold hands and feet, thickening skin, puffy face, depression, constant feeling of being hot, hand tremors, lump or goiter and etcetera.

If you or anyone you know are experiencing any of those symptoms please share this information with your medical provider. You may not have thyroid problem diagnosis and I certainly hope that you don’t but if you do then early detection plays a big part in your healing and so does being spiritually grounded. So keep reading our journal and other spiritual information, listening to spiritual messages, keep the faith in your ability to heal. Love your self and believe that you will be healed as you follow own plan of healing which includes taking the advice of your medical team and seeking second opinions as you deem necessary, seeking help from spiritual advisors, friends, family and The Master Physician.

Thank God for your healing right now because it manifesting in and through your body as you read. So keep believing! We love you!

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