Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Common Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems are something that a lot of people deal with. There are many different symptoms that you will want to watch out for, though they can be easily confused with other problems. Some of the symptoms of a thyroid problem would be easily exhausted, excessive weight loss or gain, or sore around the neck area.

One of the common thyroid problems is hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid does not produce enough of its hormone. It may also occur when there is not enough iodine available for the hormone to produce. If there is actually a problem with your pituitary gland or your thyroid gland.

Some of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism would be low energy and depression. These signs could easily pass you by because they can be mistaken for so many other things. Other signs of hypothyroidism would be constipation, weight gain, or even muscle pain.

Another common thyroid problem is called hyperthyroidism, in which your thyroid gland produces too much hormone. Your body’s immune system over stimulates your thyroid and causes a problem. This is basically the complete opposite of hypothyroidism, but is sometimes a more common problem.

Some of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism would be a feeling of shakiness or nervousness, feeling hot, or frequent bowel movements. You may even experience rapid weight loss, or even hair loss. If you are experiencing some of these symptoms you may want to consult a doctor to see if you are suffering hyperthyroidism.

Another thyroid problem that you could experience is nodules. Nodules are lumps in the tissues of the thyroid, which are hard to detect. They can be common in people who have had therapeutic radiation in your head or neck. The majority of nodules are benign, but there have been some that been cancerous.

These are the three most common problems of the thyroid. Most of the symptoms to these problems can be quite common with other issues, and may be difficult to diagnose with simple symptoms. If you have been having multiple symptoms to one of these problems, you should consult your doctor so that they may run tests to see if you have one of these problems.

A couple of the tests that they would do would be a blood test or perhaps even a thyroid scan. Both are painless and will help detect any problems you may be having with your thyroid.

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